Grade Level Participation as of 11/19/21


86.55 %


86.61 %


78.38 %


81.82 %


84.46 %


79.53 %


77.24 %


71.60 %


62.57 %


75 %

When we reach 65% family participation, every student gets a Bundtlet!

Participation by class as of 11/19/21:

1st class to reach 100% participation gets custom hoodies for each student 

  1. 100% 1st (Shawn)

  2. 96% 4th (Holst)
  3. 95% 1st (Cortright)
  4. 95% 2nd (Taylor)
  5. 93% 4th (Christopherson)
  6. 92% K (Peterson)
  7. 91% K (Long)
  8. 91% 3rd (Tran)
  9. 88% 7th (McMullen)
  10. 88% 7th (Rodgers)
  11. 87% 6th (Irving)
  12. 87% 4th (Wilmott)
  13. 86% 3rd (Robbins)
  14. 86% 2nd (Suther)
  15. 85% 1st (Buehler)
  16. 85% 5th (Estes)
  17. 85% 3rd (Hancock)
  18. 84% 4th (Griffin)
  19. 84% K (Jehling)
  20. 83% K (Bisel)
  21. 83% 5th (Harris)
  22. 83% 6th (Jadraque)
  23. 83% K (Lund)
  24. 83% 3rd (Mathews)
  25. 83% 6th (Newburn)
  26. 82% 1st (O’Reilly)
  27. 81% 1st (Restani)
  28. 80% 5th (Hawkins)
  29. 80% 2nd (Hutchinson)
  30. 80% 5th (Reiter)
  31. 80% 2nd (Swisher)
  32. 78% 3rd (Gallagher)
  33. 76% 1st (Smith)
  34. 76% 3rd (Weltzien)
  35. 74% 3rd (McGuinness)
  36. 73% 6th (Alexander)
  37. 73% 2nd (DeAvila)
  38. 73% 4th (Pollack)
  39. 72% 7th (Ferguson)
  40. 72% 5th (Owens,D)
  41. 71% 8th (Gascon)
  42. 71% 5th (Owens,K)
  43. 71% 7th (Watenpool)
  44. 70% 4th (Long)
  45. 70% 8th (Powell)
  46. 69% 8th (Beach)
  47. 68% 2nd (Sloan)
  48. 67% 2nd (Wilson)
  49. 61% 8th (Felton)
  50. 61% 6th (Ritola)
  51. 61% 8th (Devol)
  52. 60% 7th (Griffin)
  53. 50% 7 (Tobes)
  54. 46% 7th (Pledger)

What is the SPARK Giving Day Participation Challenge?

For many, GivingTuesday refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a global movement to create an international day of charitable giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday at the beginning of the holiday season. In our school community, we celebrate Giving Day as the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.

What is the Contest?

While our year-end Annual Giving goal is 100% participation, our Giving Day goal is 65%. In order for you to be counted for the purposes of the Participation Challenge, your online donation or pledge must be received by November 16th 11:59 pm PST or postmarked on or before November 16. Any donation of any amount counts! Donations made by a family will count towards each student in that family for participation purposes.

Why is SPARK doing this now?

Since money that we raise this school year pays for programs, teachers and materials in this same school year, it is important that families make their Annual Giving commitment as early as possible. In addition, by reaching our financial goal earlier in the school year it allows the Foundation to adequately plan for future funding. If our fundraising goal is not met, future cuts to programs may occur. We all want to make sure this doesn’t happen.

What if we’ve already donated or pledged?

Great – you’re all set. Thank you for being one of our 197 donors to date. Check our list to make sure your name is on it. Encourage your friends and neighbors to donate or pledge this month.

How do I know that our donation has been counted?

Every donation that is received by November 16th will be counted.

Will donations made anonymously be counted?

Donors who choose not to have their name listed on the website or year end donor roster will have the opportunity to select this option when making their donation and will be counted towards the Participation Challenge.

Where can I see the list of families who have donated?


We have more than one child in the District, how does our donation get counted?

Your donation counts towards participation for each grade that you have children attending.

What happens when we reach 65%?

When we reach 65% by November 16th, every student will receive a free bundtlette courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Is there a raffle?

Yes! All families who made a donation or pledge through Annual Giving will be entered in our Giving Day raffle. We’re excited to announce the raffle prize will be a $1,000 gift card from Cavallo Point that can be used for dining, spa or accommodations.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

Every family who participates gets one raffle entry; if you are a new family making a donation or pledge, you will receive two raffle entries; if you are a returning family who has increased their donation or pledge over last year, you will also receive two raffle entries.