Thank you to these families and individuals for their financial support in 2018-2019.

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District Family Donors

Grandparents + Friends

2 Anonymous Donors
Julie Alexander
Pauline Angleman
Margene Bauhs
Susan and Stuart Bokser
Kathleen Clancy
Olivia and Robert Derbenti
Tara Economakis
Patricia Elliot
Roberta and Jeff Epstein
Sara Fargo
Ramon Garcia
Theodora Graff
Natasha Griffin
Ingrid and Dan Heller
Joan Hess
Marisa and Joseph Jennings
Eliza and Michael Koeppel
Constance Latch
Dennis Martino
Carol McCracken
Laura Mohaupt
Cindy and Craig Morris
Elizabeth Odell
Susan Osterman
Susan Peters
Janet Pettus
Dyan and Peter Pike
Anna Jane Reid
Bob Rosenbluth
Carol and Don Sandy
Carol and John Schrumpf
Geoffrey Shaskan
Patrick Shea
Sally Relova and David Shellenberger
Paula and Jeff Skov
Brooke Suther
Carol Svetcov
Dana and Jeff Swisher
Nichole Urrea
Judy Vaughan
Tim Cabral Veeva
Sarah Wolf