Annual Giving Donors



Please note: Donations made through your company are often are delayed in reaching us. If you do not see your name on our current donor list, please contact us. Updated as of 6/9/22.

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District Family Donors

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67 Anonymous Donors
Adriana and Ryan Abbe
Megan and Juan Acevedo
Shanaz and Shaman Ajmani
Su and Dharmesh Ajmera
Steven Alexander
Julie Alexander
Marci and Joshua Alley
Nicole Karraker and Alex Alvarado
Erin and Walter Alvarez
Kathryn Hart and Nathan Amy
Amy Torgeson and Cameron Anderson
Robin and Austin Andruss
Evangellina and Constantin Anosov
Renee and Tyson Appel
Norma Chavez and Miguel Ardon
Jillian and Robert Arnold
Julie and Dorian Asch
Jillian and Mel Atkins
Karianne and Seth Atwell
Mariela Badum
Joy Nordenstrom and Rob Bagot
Julie and Brent Baker
Alisa and Hector Bal
Molly and Greg Balla
Suzanne and Keith Barbour
Beverly Barnett
Ann and Sean Basco
Amina and Anwar Bassa
Taylor and Philip Batlin
Katherine Stout-Bautista and Victor Bautista
Manon Baze
Mei-Ling and Tom Beck
Naomi and Nathan Beckord
Emily and Jason Bedecarre
Andrea O’Dell and Geoffrey Befumo
Camilla and Luke Behnke
Heather and Tom Bell
Denise Adams-Berg and Seth Berg
Laura Mohaupt and Greg Berman
Ashley and Morgan Berman
Anthony Bernardini
Megan and Chad Bettor
Nicole and Kevin Bianchi
Allison and Timothy Biel
Casey Binstadt
Ashley and Jason Bird
Elizabeth and David Blair
Katie and Gabe Bletnitsky
Renuka Kumar and Craig Blok
Cinda Van Lierop and Nathan Blomgren
Julie and Seth Bokser
Elissa Friedman and Robert Boles
Alena Dzirouskaya and Igor Bondarenko
Catherine Sloan and Thierry Bonfante
Christin Powell and Phillip Borghuis
Laura and Sam Borri
Cynthia Rainey and Erin Bouren
Eric Bowen
Sharon and Doug Bowers
Jennifer Terry and Mike Boyarski
Amanda Hendlin and Jeff Brandon
Kara and Russ Braun
Catherine and Erik Brent
Alison and David Bricker
Maureen McDonell and Rob Britt
Moushumi and Alfedro Brody
Sara and Chauncey Brooks
Maria and Mark Brooks
Caitlin and Andrew Brown
Meika Rouda and Chris Brown
Maricor Abao Brown
Lindsay and Kevin Bukata
Alison and Christopher Bunker
Lisa and Scott Buoy
Jennifer Thomas and Patrick Burtis
Alba and Paul Burton
Nancy Ann Oberheim Bush and Jeffrey Bush
Stacy and Rick Byrne
Kirsty and Hugo Byron
Jeannine Case and Mario Cadete
Christine and Sean Calegari
Lisa and Colin Capobianco
Dipa and Christopher Cappelen
Katherine Underschultz and Darren Cappetta
Katherine and Andre Caradec
Ingrid and Robert Carbone
Yulia and Jasin Carlen
Marina and Frank Carlow
Daidi Zeng and Matt Carlsen
Laurie and Martin Carrade
Vanesa Santiago and Edward Carrasco
Rebecca and Andrew Caspersen
Kate and Mark Castonguay
Matilde Chaj
Ann and Jose Chang
Heather and Christopher Choate
Carolyn Calfee and Gerard Choucroun
Erin and Nick Christensen
Erin and Andrew Chun
Jessie and Alexander Churchill
Naomi and Brad Chusid
Maryna Barsava and Anton Chyrko
Amy and Kevin Cifarelli
Kenia and Robert Claire
Karmela and Gregory Cleary
Sarah and Patrick Clifford
Meghan and Dwight Cochran
Dayna and Chris Coghlan
Lindsey and Ian Cohen
Alana and Josh Cohen
Amy and David Cole
Alison and Anthony Cole
Christopher Colman
Sarah and James Connolly
Lily and Levi Conover
Robin Furner and Stephen Cook
Mary and Liam Cooney
Carrie and Andrew Cooper
Kira and Matthew Cordasco
Jennifer Cochran and Adam Correa
Jennifer and Richard Corteville
Susie and Greg Corvi
Lauren and Sean Cosgrave
Sara Werner and Franck Costa
Vanessa and Peter Costa
Justine and Alasdair Coull
Ursula and Dwight Cousin
Therese and Joe Crane
Jennifer and Adrian Crowther
Carey and Robert Crumpler
Elisa and Jeffrey Cullen
Jamie and Douglas Cunha
Sam Kennedy Cvengros and David Cvengros
Sabiha and Yousuf Dalal
Natasha Chalmers and Lawrence Dan
Andrea Miles and Jonathan Davies
Jaimee Davis
Janice Lamb and Andrew Davis
Stephanie and Garth Davis
Kristi and Ryan DeBisschop
Patricia Perez and Carlos Deck Labra
Sonya and Greg DeForrest
Kristy and Michael Dell
Kathryn Kalabokes and Joseph Della Cella
Katie and Brady Delsol
Sydney Shaw and Lawrence DeMarco
Leigh and Todd Denbo
Robyn and Anand Dhruva
Aniseta Tecun Ramos and Silvestre Diaz
Amanda and Nate Dickerman
Lara and Jonathan Dillon
Erin and Joseph Dimiero
Jessica and Luke Dinday
Jessica and Andrew Donehower
Erika Ying Lu and Barry Dorf
Sven Junkergard and Nicole Douglas
Natalie Kaniel and Mike Dovbish
Emma and Jack Doyle
Rebecca O’Neill and Kyle Drullinger
Wendy Saccuzzo and Tom Duffy
Misty and Jeff Duhagon
Annalyn Duke
Tiffany Bozic and John Dumbacher
Lisl and Andrew Dupree
Aimee and Scott Durbin
Sarah and Rajan Eapen
Jessica and Mark Edelen
Carly Dow and Ryan Edwards
Lillian and Matthew Eggers
Erica and Evan Eggers
Ashley and John Eklund
Kristi and Jonathan Ellenzweig
Dana and Conn Ellington
Karmen Helms and Nazar Elwazir
Mark Emerson
Natalie Medved and Niels Engberg
Chris Erlin
Steve Escamilla
Sara and Matt Esslinger
Meredith and Simon Etherington
Sunisa and Robert Evans
Tracey and David Ewart
Carmen and Kari Facas
Nina and Greg Fargo
Amy and Nicholas Farrow
Anna and Phillip Fernandez
Pamela and Curtis Fong
Erica and Greg Fortescue
Florencia Castelanelli and David Frankenberg
Yvonne Wang and Matthew Franklin
Jessie and Connor Freeman
Page and Beau Freyermuth
Katherine Pohl and Andrew Frierson
Lunna Lopes and John Fyson
Alexandra and Udi Gal
Claudia Alvarenga and Ilario Gallo
Joanna Harrison and Jim Garcia
Carolyn Kiernat and Marcos Garza
Elisabeth Carpenter and Paul Gatti
Kristy and Brett Geithman
Robin and David Gennarelli
Kelly and Jonas Gerber
Sarah Buck and Chad Gerber
Andrea Madden and Josh Gershman
Jeannette and Yak Gertmenian
Shannon and Rajeev Ghia
Molly and Andrew Giang
Michelle and Matthew Gianni
Patricia and Tim Gibbons
Autumn Frazier and Ryan Gibson
Erin and John Gilman
Fiona and Matthew Gilmartin

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Ysaira and Dean Givas
Kate Aiken and John Glenn
Susan and Kyle Goggin
Jane Osterman and Josh Goldberg
Brooke Golden
Corinne and Michael Golden
Karen Lemus Palencia and Ludvin Gonzalez Hernandez
Amanda and Dave Goodspeed
Stephanie Tybinka and Kevin Gordon
Lisa and Ari Gorman
Rachel and Larry Gould
Amanda Riley and Wolfe Grand
Molly and Jeffrey Grant
Abigail and Matthew Greber
Heather and Frank Greco
Alana and Steven Green
Christine and Jay Grenfell
Melissa and Jordan Griesshaber
Lisa and Justin Griffin
Julie and John Griffiths
Elisia Solomon and Stephen Grobecker
Ingrid and Jakob Gron
Beth and Tyler Grossman
Kim Piro-Guerrero and Matt Guerrero
“Tamara Thrasher and Benjamin ” Gulick
Alexandra Haessler
Jennifer and Ehren Halse
Steven Hammond
Allison and Philip Handy
Moira Hanes
Timothy Hanks
Patricia and John Hanna
Michele and Mark Hansen
Mary and Joe Harrington
Sue and Daniel Harris
Kathryn and Matthew Harris
Stephanie and Cory Harrison
Megan and Tom Harvey
Cindy and Peter Haubold
Scarlett and Joseph Headley
Jaime and William Heaps
Tracy and Brian Hegarty
Rachel and Jared Heifetz
Rebeka Barth and Steve Hellman
Hiroko and Richard Helmer
Katie and Joshua Henderson
Randy and Tom Herbst
Bridget Herman
Gina and Christopher Hess
Lindsay and Timothy Hess
Jennifer and Mark Hewlette
Lisa and Robert Hielscher
Christina Ciminelli and Joseph Hill
Lena and Nicholas Hippolyte
Uen Fang Yeh and Cheng Ho
Nicole Rossi and Kurt Hobson
Hilary Baer and Christopher Hogan
Amy and Michael Holst
Sarah Hart and Judson Holt
Heather and Brent Horowitz
Crystal and Jason Hough
Julie and Kurt Houtkooper
Nicky and Paul Howard
Peg and Robert Howard
Rachel and Samuel Hudson
Shannon and Michael Hughes
Lindsey and Jim Hunnewell
Megan and David Ingraham
Connor Turnbull and Ken Ishiguro
Colleen and Nathan Isley
Jeffrey and Leslie Isley
Jill and Tom Jackson
Stephanie and Tyler Jackson
Katie Bethell and Adam Jacob
Amy and TJ Jacobberger
Pagerie and Bryan Jacobi
Valerie Terrill and Craig Jaffe
Tania Ginsberg-Jambou and Etienne Jambou
Vera and Dmitri Jarocki
Kristin and Graham Jenkin
Alexandra and Jeff Jennings
Ariana and Amardeep Johar
Lucy and Todd Johns
July and Ryan Johnson
Stephanie and Rob Johnstone
Kim and Gavin Jones
Alexandra Heifetz and Kyle Jones
Erica Jordan and Mike Josephian
Saritha and Amyn Kaderali
Joanne Zola and Samantha Kahn
Tabatha and Tory Kallman
Marta and Jeffrey Kaltreider
Molly and Michael Kaplan
Jami and Steven Katz
Danielle and David Keatley
Martinique and Sean Kelley
Jana and James Kelly
Chenin and Nick Kenig
Catherine and Sean Kennings
Olga Trofymets and Utkarsh Khokhar
Carrie and Alan Kim
Denise Chow and Sam Kim
Alison Marquiss and William Kimball
Claire and Robert King
Kathryn and Matthew Kirk
Margot and Charlie Kirschner
Molly and Matthew Koehler
Angelique and Max Kofman
Zoe and Ryan Koonce
Brittany Koury
Leanne Jones and Don Paul Kovarcik
Sara and Peter Kris
Kate and Jon Kropf
Marina and Thomas Krueger
Laura and Dan Kurtzman
Kristine Kwon
Tricia and David Lacy
Lisa and Michael Landers
Nicole and Michael Landry
Jessie and Daniel Latch
Wendy Aitken and Geoffrey Lauter
Beth and William Law
Kelly and Andy Lawson
Natalie and Matt Ledesma
Liane and Charles Lee
Connie Chen and Todd Lee
Jennifer and Seth Leibick
Ellen and Gavin Leung
Shelly and David Levin
Alicia and Brian Lewis
Anne Marie Foley and Jon Ligon
Jeannie and Johnny Lin
Melanie and Darren Lo
Jennifer and Brian Long
Renee Gonsalves and Andrew Macallister
Maribel Rico Rios and Victor Magana Valencia
Sallumeh and Ali Mahmoudi
Bonni and Ken Mahon
Susan Olsen and Alec Makdessian
Jenica and Adam Maldonado
Monica and Brad Manuilow
Bill Lewis and Ughetta Manzone
Andy Markham
Anjuli and Stephen Marotto
Charlotte Jourdain and Christian Martinez
Jessica Rock and James Martinez
Tory and Richard Martinez
Kristie Martinez and Erik Martinez Manzo
Katherine and Daniel Matso
Yuko and Hiroyuki Matsui
Emily and Alan Matza
Lauren Novita and Andrew Matzkin
Chuck McBride
Jennifer and Patrick McCarthy
Sarah Aaron and Trevor McCaw
Kathleen McCormick
Melissa and Mike McDonald
Jessica Foley and Casey McGovern
Patti and Brett McGovern
Karen and Markus McMillin
Dave McMorran
Monique and Shane Mcquade
Lucky and Kurt Meinz
Ly and Rene Mejorado
Elizabeth and Daniel Mendoza
Yulia and Daniel Merriam
Janelle and Ted Meyer
Jennifer and Garrett Meyers
Sarah and Andrew Middleditch
Sheila and Robert Middleton
Alanna Schroeder and Brendan Millar
Tom Miller
Katy and Clarke Miller
Kathleen and Jacob Millspaugh
Tara Millspaugh
Ashley and Nick Mirkovich
Rana Lozani and Amir Mirzazadeh
Beth and Jonah Mitchell
Nicole and Greg Modic
Jennifer Somers and Kevin Mohr
Elizabeth and Ben Molland
Francesca and Benjamin Montesano
Tiffany and Richard Moore
Julia and Steve Mori-Prange
Catherine and Christopher Morris
Robert Morton
Jennifer and Jordan Moss
Kristin Obrochta and Jason Moss
Catherine and Alexander Mossman
Angela and Amir Movafaghi
Sarah and Dirk Mueller
Julie and Brian Muller
Rupal Shah and Ross Murray
Dayna Fleming and Jonathan Murray
Mary and Mykel Nahorniak
Alexis and Omid Naim
Golnaz Motiey and Amin Namakian
Amy and Josef Nanola
Katherine and Michael Napier
Maki and Hideo Nawata
Ganna and Leonid Nekhymchuk
Olexandra and Christopher Nelson
Caitlin Pike and Greg Nelson
Glynis Doyle and George Nemiroff
Nicole and Stephen Newhauser
Angela and Chad Nicholson
Tom Nofziger
Jennifer and Andres Noyola
Cecily and James O’Connor
Brooke and Ronan O’Dea
Grace Hsu and Mark O’Dell
Katie and Jason O’Malley
Erin and Thomas O’Neill

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Nicole and Casey O’Neill
Simone Porto and Chad OKray
Gwen and Michael Oldham
Hilary Goodman and James Olmstead
Julie Omran
Nicholas Ondrejka
Belinda and Rory Oneil
Gina Orcino
Kristen Hecht and Ethan Owen
Karen and David Owens
Maya and Darren Pacheco
Lisa Brigulio and Paul Padia
Olivia Page
Amy Loux and Erik Pampel
Julia Yah and Leonardo Paredes
Lisa and Marc Parilla
Amanda and Jim Parker
Jessica and Michael Pascucci
Dawniele and Michael Pasha
Vicki Longoria and Felipe Passalacqua
Karina Iniguez and Greg Patterson
Katie Paulsen
Patricia Chytrowski and Christopher Pavey
Elizabeth and Michael Pearce
Tatyana Prosolupova and Mikhail Permyakov
Jennifer and George Persky
Candice and Mark Peters
Lauren Dunnigan and Scott Petersmeyer
Kari Stiffler and William Peterson
Lili Weigert and Arthur Phelan
Karolin and Mark Phillips
Michelle and Joe Pipitone
Lauren and Jason Pitts
Bess and Adelki Polce
Sheila and Keith Pollak
Chantal and Arnaud Ponchon
Katie and Gill Potter
Dara Rossoff Powell and Jacob Powell
Allison Elgart and Anthony Pringle
Francisca Mazariegos and Teodoro Puc
Neha and Mark Pyle
Melanie and Carlos Quintana
Kathleen and Erik Ralston
Tara and Colin Rand
Jill and AJ Rea
Elia Zavala and Nicholas Ree
Annie and Justin Reid
Rachel and Thomas Reid
Jen and Dan Reidy
Maria Martin and Sam Reiter
Alison and Andy Revell
Lidia and Melvin Reyes
Lesli and Juan Reyes
Mazy and Adam Rhuberg
Margot and Josh Ridout
Morgan and Dimitri Rigopoulos
Kristin and Luis Rivera
Anastasia and Matthew Robbins
Casey and Ben Roberts
Adriany and Rodrigo Rodrigues
Kelsey and Ian Rogers
Kimberly and Vlad Rom
Mercedes and Tim Rose
Michelle and Michael Rosinsky
Gianna Brasil-Ross and Stephen Ross
Leah Sparks and Michael Rossi
Glen and Ilana Roth
Katherine Rott
Amy and Sebastian Rouas
Nicola and Michael Rueckheim
Karen and Phil Ruppanner
Sara and Mike Russell
Claudia and Gregory Ryan
Joanne and Mark Ryan
Sara and Ron Ryba
Cheri Sabella
Jennifer and Casey Sackett
Ann-Sofie and Reza Safa
Mindy Glass and Eric Sagmeister
Parul Sahai
Jamie Garcia and Eric Saibel
Natasha Sapien and Eddy Sandoval
Camilla and Karthik Sankaran
Rachel Weiss and Steve Sawdey
Kristin and Peter Scales
Daniela Kratz-Schablitzki and Patrick Schablitzki
Melissa and Joseph Scheeline
Elizabeth and John Scheuring
Christine Schirmer
Shannon and Ryan Schlagenhauf
Stephanie and Eric Schmautz
Courtney Horn and Johan Schonning
Jessie and Bjorn Schroeder
Lisa and Eric Schrumpf
Tara Greenhow and Greg Scott
Gina Schreiber and Bruce Scotton
Caroline and Dan Searle
Lauren and Bryan Selby
Jessica and Carlo Serafini
Jennifer and James Seraphine
Katie and Dan Setterby
Jennifer and Jonathan Shambroom
Annika and Matt Shawn
Erin and Terrell Sheridan
Annie and Peter Sherman
Beth and Zachary Sherry
Lisa and Gerald Shields
Siofra Rice and Mark Shirley
Meggie and Cory Sichi
Maggie Hughes and James Sievert
Liliane Sommer and Michael Silver
Ann-Marie and Jared Skaggs
Amanda and Steven Sklad
Kristen and Christopher Slowe
Amee and Chris Smith
Elizabeth Moore and Brad Smith
Ruth and Itzhak Smocha
Sharon and Douglas Smuckler
Amy Bloodgood and Ben Soccorsy
Theresa Lee and Scott Son
Nicholas and Alexandria Spahr
Lauren and John Stafford
Mari and Damon Stainbrook
Joy and Chuck Starrett
Kristina Stein
Lori and Marc Stein
Heidi and Jonah Steinhart
Julie and Robert Stenhouse
Amineh and Hugh Stevenson
Heather and Christopher Stone
Kelly and Jonathan Stone
Jennifer and Max Strasburg
Ellie and Mike Strasser
Kate Bergbauer and Ronald Strauss
Julie Streicher Wean
Jennifer Sorem and Steve Sullivan
Asli and Anil Suren
Jessica and Christopher Swanson
Alexandra and Greg Sweeney
Hurumi and Derek Szydlowski
Marta and Ryan Taketa
Karen Reisch and Steven Takizawa
Anne-Marie and Matthew Tasto
Jeanine Johnson and Kathy Taylor
Emily and Nabyl Tejani
Melissa Telli
Stephanie and Ryan Terry
Sherri North and Drew Thomas
Kathryn Gaffney and Matthew Thompson
Peterson, Kristina and David Thompson
Marina and Jonathan Thompson
Jake Thompson
Wendy and Jonathan Thorpe
Laurel Strange and Thomas Thuman
Kristen and Alfonso Tiscareno
Laura Tollen
Veronica and Delio Tramontozzi
Kimberly and Owen Tripp
Susan and James Turner
Eliza and Stephen Turner
Lauren and Steve Uchrin
Jessica and Greg Ulin
Katie and Andrew Ullman
Christina and Kevin Uriarte
Julie Jackle and Joseph Vafi
Aimie Vargas
Enna Aguilar Calderon and Darwin Vasquez De Leon
Laura O’Shea and Geoffrey Vaughan
Rebecca and Mark Vaughn
Michael Viani
Brittany Viani
Sarah and Joe Vigil
Samara and Russell Violet
Jill and Craig Vived
Adrienne and Joe Voboril
Sarah and Luke Voiles
Brandi and Christopher Voy
Sarah and Ryan Wagner
Vanessa and Michael Wahlstrom
Susan Allen and Mohammad Walizadeh
Crista Morrow and Michelle Walker
Sarah and Gareth Walter
Kate Wilentz and Paul Wang
Christy Miaw and Jacky Wang
Amy and Rob Webb
Nicole and Stephen Webb
Melissa and Jonathan Weinberg
Betsy Bennett and Oliver Weir
Alison and Tim Wells
Erin Reily and Brennan Wenck-Reily and
Heather and Jeremy Wenner
Brian Westerman
Harmmonie and Dave Wexler
Hannah and Seth Whitehead
Lina Fancy and Mark Whiting
Nicole and Mark Whitty
Wendy Greenberg and Eric Widera
Rebecca Horning and Jonathan Wilson
Kristina and Ryan Wilson
Amanda and Bryan Winn
Cindy and Christopher Winship
Shauna and Ted Witt
Catherine and Jeff Wold
Stephanie and Ronald Wolf
Jenine and Shannon Wolfe
Diane and Jonathan Woodbridge
Heather Brown and Andrew Yaros
Natalie and Michael Yongue
Sarah and Todd Youngs
Lisa Brand-Zaim and Craig Zaim
Emily Kanter and Jeffrey Zalewski
Jennifer and Nash Zamzow
Yasmine Zdencaj
Steffi and Pascal Zuta


Friends & Family


3 Anonymous Donors
Pauline Angleman
Arin Bass
Elyse Cobb
Tara Economakis
Josh Fisher
Mike Galea
Quinn Galli
Ramon Garcia
Catherine Ghirarduzzi
Susan and Russell Holdstein
Parvin Jaffarian
Jill  Kauffman Johnson and Tyler Johnson
Jane Kaplan
Nancy Lamb
Ernest J. McNabb
Derek Perner
Dyan and Peter Pike
Anna Jane Reid
Bob Rosenbluth
Brian Schnarr
Jill and Scott Sellers
Constance Sevier
Jacqueline Shapiro
Alissa Shipper
Jeanne Sloane
Barbara Speer
Natalie Stafford
Carol Svetcov
Dana and Jeff Swisher
Linda Tillotson
Nichole Urrea
Lynn Weinberger