SPARK Annual Giving 2023-2024 Donors

  as of 9/12/2023   

3 Anonymous Donors
Mariela Badum
Emily and Jason Bedecarre
Erik Bonner
Michelle Nichols and Darrach Bourke
Alison and David Bricker
Nancy Ann Oberheim Bush and Jeffrey Bush
Stacy and Rick Byrne
Erin and Andrew Chun
Sarah and Patrick Clifford
Lindsey and Ian Cohen
Jamie and Douglas Cunha
Kristy and Michael Dell
Carolyn Kiernat and Marcos Garza
Paula Ellison Gill and Ryan Gill
Lisa and Justin Griffin
Ingrid and Jakob Gron
Kristine Guerra
Patricia and John Hanna
Kristin and Graham Jenkin
Molly and Matthew Koehler
Angelique and Max Kofman
Valerie and Zachary Kushel
Liane and Charles Lee
Anne Marie Foley and Jon Ligon
Melanie and Darren Lo
Robert Lucarini
Bonni Massa and Ken Mahon
Jennifer and Nir Margalit
Katherine and Daniel Matso
Angela and Amir Movafaghi
Alexis and Omid Naim
Golnaz Motiey and Amin Namakian
Caitlin Pike and Greg Nelson
Lindsay and Vincent Pasquini
Karina Iniguez and Greg Patterson
Dyan and Peter Pike
Bess and Adelki Polce
Tara and Colin Rand
Rachel and Thomas Reid
Reed Easley and Sean Sullivan
Erika Heineken Tilney and John Tilney
Katie and Andrew Ullman
Mari Waterman
Betsy Bennett and Oliver Weir
Catherine and Jeff Wold
Genevieve and Brian Yurgionas