Spring Spotlight Honorees

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BETSY BENNET has three boys: two at Cove and one at Hall. Betsy has served on the SPARK Board both as a Cove VP and Rep Coordinator. In the classroom, Betsy has flexed her math skills as a 6th grade mathletes mentor and a 2nd grade math challenge group mentor. She’s also helped out as a hot lunch volunteer, Cove art display coordinator and Variety Show MC.  When she’s not on school grounds, Betsy coaches Ross Valley Grizzlies Lacrosse and is her family’s household COO.


HEATHER GRECO has three children: one at Neil Cummins and two at Hall. She has served on both the SPARK Board and Hall PTA Board as Biz Co-Chair, 6th Grade VP, 7th Grade VP and 8th Grade VP, respectively. Heather’s volunteer experience also includes being a SPARK Rep, Neil Cummins Classroom Coordinator, NC PTO Treasurer, 5th Grade Step Up Co-Chair, hot lunch server and Girls on the Run coach.

TRICIA LACY has three daughters: two at Hall and one at Neil Cummins. She’s helped out in a variety of roles including Variety Show Co-Chair,  PTO Membership Chair,  PTO Spirit Leader, SPARK Garden Co-chair, room parent and hot lunch volunteer. Tricia is also a Hall 8th Grade Graduation Co-Chair this year Tricia is a Marin Master Gardener, St. Pat’s CYO Volleyball Registrar, CMFC Team Parent, Girl Scout Leader and Camp Arequipa Volunteer.

JENNY MARKOVICH has two children at Hall and has served on the SPARK Board sharing her talents as secretary, events coordinator and flexing her legal acumen. Jenny has also been involved at NC as the Variety Show Co-Chair, Spiritwear Sales Chair, Kindergarten Social Organizer, 5th Grade Step Up Co-Chair as well as serving on the Yearbook Committee and making occasional appearances as the Neil Cummins Hawk!  When she’s not volunteering at school, you can find Jenny watching Survivor, on the courts playing tennis, baking or cheering on her kids at sporting events and performances.

JILL MARTAY has two children at Neil Cummins and has the distinct honor of attending multiple SPARK social events prior to her kids attending LCMSD. Jill has flexed her volunteer skills as the NC Readathon Chair, SPARK Biz chair and Fun Run Chair as well as organizing the Family Math Game Night  Jill runs a marketing services company and in her free time you can find her in her favorite yoga classes at Harbor Point, doing the King Mountain Loop with friends, or cheering the kids on at flag football, soccer, and baseball games.

ELENA O’BRIEN has one child at Cove and one at Hall and even though she only recently moved Marin just two years ago, she’s quickly gotten involved  in the LCMSD community. In addition to her current role as Cove PTO President, Elena has volunteered as a Variety Show Chair, SPARK Classroom Rep, Classroom Coordinator and classroom volunteer. Elena is also a regular substitute teacher at Hall and Cove. Off campus, Elena is a yoga instructor who enjoys reading, hiking, going to the beach, the arts (Ballet, Symphony, musicals, art museums) and spending time with family.

DENISE PEPP  has twin 8th grade girls at Hall and has shared her talents as a Room parent, hot lunch volunteer, field trip driver, classroom math and reading helper and on the yearbook staff. In addition, Denise has planned and volunteered at numerous events such as field day, Hall Walk-a-thon and the Hall 8th grade Graduation committee. Denise is an avid tennis player and enjoys hiking and traveling with her family

DB Temple has two boys, one at Hall and one at Cove. He has been actively involved as a classroom volunteer, field trip driver, hot lunch volunteer, Hall golf team coach as well as having served on the Hall PTA Board. Baseball and golf are two of DB’s passions outside the classroom community and he has served on the TCLL Board, coached little league and is currently the assistant coach for the Redwood High School golf team. As a PGA Member for over 20 years. DB has managed golf facilities, run junior golf programs in San Francisco and currently volunteers for the PGA’s HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) program introducing golf to Veterans.

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