s_a_spark_moment_banner_600X150_1.0There are many experiences our children have throughout the school year that simply wouldn’t exist without the support of District parents, business partners, and other community members. We call these SPARK Moments. We should all be honored to be a part of making these moments in our children’s lives possible.

2017 Fund a Need

2014 Third Grade Jai Ho Performance

Back by popular demand, this year’s 3rd graders put on an amazing show.


2013 Third Grade Jai Ho Performance

Check out the feet-stomping, booties-shakin’ good time!


Fifth Grade Chorus Winter Concert

Like the 5th graders in this video clip, we should all be grateful. Grateful to live in a community where parents believe in and support music, art, science, and technology in our schools.


Ms. Poletti’s Singing Kindergarteners

It starts with “Twinkle, Twinkle” and progresses to an appreciation of The Beatles and playing in the advanced jazz band at Hall. The important piece is that music is a part of their lives.


Digital Arts at Hall

School today doesn’t look like what we experienced as children—and it shouldn’t. Our kids’ education should mirror the world in which we live. With the support of SPARK, our School District can provide opportunities in technology and art for our Hall students to learn in a new and relevant way.


SPARK is Art

This video highlights how our young artists work and think.


SPARK is Music

This video highlights the Music program at Hall Middle School—and how musical training and comprehension impacts students’ lives.