Want to host a party for SPARK and need some ideas.  See the list of parties SPARK would like to find hosts for or have a party in mind, please fill out the SPARK Parent Party Donation Form . 

Spring Virtual Parties
  • Looking 1-2 hosts for these spring virtual parties: 
  • Virtual game night – bingo, scrabble, family feud, or hire a professional to run the party like game night out .
  • Virtual Peloton – a husband-wife relay (there is a way to select a “stack” of back-to-back classes, two 20-min rides).  The team with the highest combined output wins and they can send a screen shot of their output so we can verify. Offer up a couple of raffle prizes to the winners. Hosts would chip in to buy the raffle prizes.  
  • Virtual cocktail making  – Show people how to make a couple of your favorite cocktails, hosts provide the cocktail making kits and guests pick them up.
  • Virtual Tequila or other spirit tasting – maybe hire, Boozephreaks: San Francisco Spirit Tastings, Classes, Distillery Tours 
Fall In person parties
  • Must be outside, follow all Covid guidelines, and 50 people in total (including all hosts).
  • Looking for multiple hosts for each.
  • Dad’s night out – outdoor lawn game hour hour, an outdoor movie night, any fun outdoor dad activity. 
  • Golf party -this could be a dad’s only, mom’s only, and or parent and child event.  It could be along or short course of golf fun. 
  • Lawn game party – corn hole anyone, set up a corn hole party or other fun outdoor games while offering drinks and or light bites.  
  • Muir Beach Bonfire – host 4-6 families at Muir Beach with bon fire supplies and s’mores for sunset.  
  • Multisports family BBQ – Celebrate longer summer days and warmer nights with a family BBQ. Offer volleyball, softball/whiffle ball and or kickball games along with grill masters at the BBQ. Fun for all ages. Food, wine/beer and kid drinks provided. to 4 hosts in the following neighborhoods:
We are looking for a few hosts for a neighborhood party whether it is a progressive or block party in the following neighborhoods.   
  • Mariner’s Cove 
  • Madera del presidio
  • HillView 
  • Heatherwood Park 
  • Madera Gardens
  • Riviera Circle

Hosting Guidelines (Please read all guidelines prior to completing form): We are not offering teacher hosted parties or grade level hikes, or other student-only events. If COVID-19 guidelines allow, we may consider organizing/offering in Fall 2021
* All Parent/Family parties must comply with current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions
* Events in May and June 2021 must be virtul/not in-person
* Events in August – December 2021 can be in-person but must be outside and should not exceed 50 attendees including hosts
* Priority will be given to Fall events which are able to pivot from in-person to virtual events should current COVID-19 restrictions require a change in event format.
*Host(s) are not to request donations from local businesses without prior approval by SPARK Auction Team

All costs will be covered by the host/s and will not be reimbursed by SPARK including expenses for food, drink, venue and any other associated costs. If seeking a donation from a local business, please check with Auction Party Coordinators to get prior approval.
If day-of event insurance is required by the venue, it is the hosts’ responsibility to obtain any such insurance on behalf of the hosts (and not on behalf of SPARK). If the venue requires a liquor license please contact Sara Ryba (sryba@SPARKSchool.org) for more information.
If the hosts of a party choose to change the date of their event or choose to cancel the event for ANY reason following the close of the 2021 Online Auction, guests who purchased tickets and/or cannot make the new date must be offered a reimbursement. Reimbursements will be paid by the hosts, not by SPARK.
If a date change or cancellation is requested by SPARK, then SPARK will reimburse the guests who are not able to attend the new date.
SPARK will sell Parent Party tickets via the Online Auction. Remaining open slots will be sold by SPARK through their website until sold out or until the date of the event.
Please email Jennifer Harrison, gogojennifer@yahoo.com with any questions.