Did you know that SPARK provides nearly 9% of the operating budget for the District to make up the shortfall from State and other revenue sources?

Our goal of $1.25 Million is an essential investment in the education of every kid in our District.

With your support, SPARK can give enough to pay for:

  • music programs at Neil Cummins and Cove
  • visual arts programs at Neil Cummins, Cove  and Hall
  • FOSS science kits for Neil Cummins and Cove
  • 5th grade Outdoor Science Education program at Hall
  • Technology equipment and learning programs at Neil Cummins, Cove and Hall
  • Digital Arts at Hall
  • Chorus and Band at Hall
  • Teacher Stipends
  • Library books & support at Neil Cummins, The Cove, and Hall

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