Left Bank

Every Monday, Left Bank creates a delicious SPARK Family Meal for 4 for $50 and donates 20% back to our schools! You can order online starting on Sunday for pick up on Monday.

  • Select “SPARK Family Meal” when you order.
  • Please share with your friends, family and neighbors.

August Menu:

8/2 4 chicken and 4 steak tacos with salad and homemade tortilla chips with fresh pico de Gallo

8/9 Chicken or vegetarian paella with caesar salad, steamed broccolini, mac and cheese

8/16 Roast chicken with mac and cheese, caesar salad, sautéed spinach

8/23 Ribs, mac and cheese, caesar salad, broccoli

8/30 Fried chicken, caesar salad, mac and cheese, green beans