A Letter from Our Executive Directory – January 2021

As we start off the New Year with hope for health and less turbulent times, we’d like to share gratitude for our community’s support and provide a look ahead for the next six months.

Back in the fall, we asked every family to invest in our schools. With your financial support, SPARK can ensure that its funding commitment to the District is stable for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.

Five months later, we are grateful to share that our community responded in a powerful way and we are starting 2021 with nearly 65% of District families having donated or pledged to support this year’s Annual Giving campaign.  Because money raised this year pays for programs in this same school year, SPARK is able to provide access to Music, Art, Science, Technology and Wellness, as well as funding distance learning tools and safe return to schools. This includes intervention services from specialists for direct student support, stipends to teachers and materials and supplies needed for our new learning environment.

While our Annual Giving participation progress is exciting, we still have significant work to do. Currently, we have $500K more to raise to reach our $1.5M fundraising goal. If you have not already, please make your Annual Giving donation or pledge today.

This Spring, we have additional opportunities to support SPARK. The Online Auction will be March 16-22 and the Spring Event (format TBD) will be on May 1st.  While these events may look a little different this year, we ask that every family participate with these events to help meet our fundraising goal.

Best wishes to each of you for a happy and healthy and New Year.

Sara Ryba
SPARK Executive Director