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If you have donated to SPARK already – THANK YOU! If not, it is not too late. To date, only 26% of Neil Cummins and Hall families have contributed to the SPARK 2012-2013 Annual Giving funding – well short of our 100% family participation goal.

During March 4-15 we encourage you to get involved in the Participation Challenge! Every donation of any amount is appreciated and makes a difference in your children’s education.

Did you know that with your support:

  • $25 buys 2-5 library books
  • $90 could buy a ukelele for the Hall Music Program
  • $100 supports access to laptops, iPads and iPod Touches for one child a year
  • $200 makes weekly music and dance possible for one child a year at Neil Cummins
  • $250 can fund the 5th grade Outdoor Ed program for one student
  • $1000 bridges the gap between what the State provides and what it costs to provide the high-quality Music, Art, Science, Technology and Library programs in our District

EVERY child is a WINNER with your donation!

List of Neil Cummins Participation % by grade + class as of 3/5/13



Price, Jeff 62%

Gallagher, Leah 59%

Jehling, Amy 83%

Lopez, Jamie 70%

Mathews, Liza 55%

Peterson, Kristina 63%

Smith, Christopher 75%

Wong, Judi 65%

Briddell, Kristie 48%

Gordon, Diane 68%

Hancock, Kristin 53%

Houts, Mary 57%

Long, Jennifer 47%

Lopez, Lara 71%

Swisher, Dana 52%

Beery, Colleen 63%

Lescoe, Rob 60%

Kazan, Miriam 50%

Marcus, Katherine 55%

Restani, Lori 77%

Shawn, Annika 65%

Skaggs, Ann-Marie 75%

Suther, Brooke 48%

Cortright, Lucia 39%

DeAvila, Cindy 82%

Gallagher, Emily 59%

Hale, Catherine 55%

Lund, Heather 36%

McGuinness, Tegan 77%

Pollack, Janet 52%

Arrow, Michael 59%

Emmons, Karen 62%

Hart, Trish 52%

Lerohl, Kristin D. 54%

Miller, Maria 38%

Owens, David 50%

DeMartini, Elaine 50%

Estes, Amanda 67%

Hawkins, Elizabeth 50%

Meunier, Wendy 58%

Reiter, Stuart 54%

Weltzien, Jennifer 30%