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13th Annual SPARK at the PARK

Tuesday, April 25th vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers

TICKET UPDATE AS OF 4/23/17: Please contact Barbara Snyder directly to inquire about tickets or if you did not receive yours in the mail:

WHEN: Yes, it’s a school night, but come on, it’s the DODGERS! So, treat the kids to a fun family-friendly night out and cruise past an early bedtime.

TRANSPORTATION: There is plenty of parking around the ballpark. The Golden Gate Ferry is an option too; special Ferry service to and from the games. More info here. Purchase tickets in advance, they can sell out.

WHERE DO I PURCHASE TICKETS? Tickets will go on sale March 2nd. Tickets will not be sold at the Spring Spotlight or through mail order. Tickets will be sold first come, first serve and may sell out so purchase early!

HALL CHORUS: Will be on the field at the start of the game singing the National Anthem from center field and on the big screen. If you’ve been to a SPARK Giants night before, then you know they totally rock it. Tickets are not provided for Hall Choir Students, you will need to purchase a ticket for your child even if you don’t attend.

WHERE ARE THE SEATS? We have seats in upper infield view reserved right behind home plate. Sections 310-311 and 315-317, rows 12 and up. The perfect spot to view an incredible sunset over the Bay and watch all of the Giants’ home runs.

CAN I SIT WITH MY FRIENDS? Of course! While we’re not able to accommodate specific seating requests, here’s a seating hack:  Purchase tickets together for your entire group in one transaction which will guarantee that your seats will be together. BAM.

HOW MUCH ARE THE TICKETS? By purchasing 400+ tickets, we get a special discounted rate. However, the price of tickets has increased this year because of demand (that’s what three World Series titles in six years will do to you).  We’ve set the ticket price at $35 which allows us to raise money for our schools, but still keep the ticket cost reasonable. If you purchase your tickets before April 8 the early bird price is $30, saving you $5 on each ticket. 

HOW AND WHEN DO I GET MY TICKETS? We will mail paper tickets – old school that’s how we roll – the week before the game on or around April 21st. We do not receive them yet from the Giants’ organization earlier and cannot mail them out sooner than that.

BUT I DON’T LIKE HOT DOGS. WHAT CAN I EAT AT THE BALLPARK? Don’t stress it – there are plenty of other tasty options including Mexican fare, burgers, Caribbean food and more. Check it out here.

WILL THE HALL BAND BE PLAYING IN WILLIE MAYS PLAZA? We’re working on it. Stay tuned and cross fingers.