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//Ad Specs for Directory
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Pledge Level Directory
Ad Size
Orientation Dimension


1/3 Page Horizontal
2.35” Tall by 6” Wide4.9” Tall by 2.9” Wide

$ 1,725

2/3 Page Horizontal 4.9” Tall by 6” Wide

$ 3,500 and up

Full Page Horizontal 7.5” Tall by 6” Wide
  • Ads may be color or black and white.

  • Electronic File Formatting: Finished ads that require no edits:

    • Preferred format is press-ready PDF – 300dpi (high resolution)
    • Other accepted files formats are 300dpi (high resolution) JPEG, EPS, or TIFF
  • Ads that require edits:

    • Acceptable file formats (with all fonts and accompanying files included) are Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop
    • Please write all changes on hard copy
  • Submitting Files
    • If under 1M, e-mail to:
    • If over 1M, put the file on a CD and mail it to SPARK at 230 Doherty Drive, Larkspur, CA 94939