It’s SPARK-tober!

Let’s celebrate our schools all month long + raise funds for our District.




Show how important Music, Art, Science, and Technology is for your children and the 1,500 students at our three schools by making your 2014-2015 Annual Giving contribution. During last year’s Annual Giving campaign, we raised $886K from families like you to maintain these programs — with your support, we can do it again!

Spot the SPARK is once again happening at Neil Cummins and The Cove School. Make sure to stop by the SPARK tables on campus on Friday, Oct. 24th, with your student’s completed Spot the SPARK forms so he/she can claim a prize. Happy SPARK hunting!



A huge thank you to everyone who worked, walked, and ran hard to make the first-ever Fun Run a tremendous success. It was such a treat to see families from all three District schools coming together in a healthy, fun way to start a Sunday. Click here for pictures of the event and for a list of our sponsors.


A tremendous thank you to Belinda & Rory O’Neil for organizing this year’s SPARK Golf Tournament at Peacock Gap Golf Club — and the “village” it took to put on an event of this scope. To all of the parent volunteers who helped out with design, day-of organization, sponsorships, and more, we say thank you!