2017 Spring Spotlight Honorees

/2017 Spring Spotlight Honorees
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Come celebrate with this year’s Honorees and purchase your tickets by April 21 and save $20 on each ticket. 

SHARON BOWERS has two children who attend Cove. Sharon has served on the SPARK Board in a wide variety of roles including Co-President, Annual Giving Co-Chair, Fun Run Co-Chair, Auction Art Project Chair as well as on the Auction Solicitations Team and as a SPARK Classroom Rep. She also volunteers with hot lunch.


ABIGAIL CRETAN has three daughters, two at Hall and one at Neil Cummins. Abigail is the current President of the Neil Cummins PTO and has served a variety of positions on the Board including New Family Ambassador, Volunteer Coordinator, VP Campus Events and Exec VP. In addition, she was the SPARK Spring Spotlight Volunteer Coordinator for two years.

JESSICA EDELEN has three children who attend Neil Cummins and Hall. Jessica was the NC Weekly editor for four years – and her additional volunteer roles include SPARK catalog editor, NC PTO Communications Director, SPARK Classroom Rep, Room Parent and Hot Lunch Volunteer Coordinator as well as driving on field trips and volunteering in her children’s classrooms.

JEN HARRISON  has a son at Neil Cummins and a daughter at Hall. Jen is the current NC SPARK VP and has held a variety of SPARK positions such as Hall Rep Lead, SPARK Biz, Secretary,  Parent & Teacher Party Online Auction Coordinator. She has also helped as a Safe Routes to School Co-Lead, Room Parent, Hot Lunch volunteer and field trip driver.


JAMI HANDELMAN KATZ has twin boys who attend Cove and a son in college.  Jami is presently on the SPARK Board and her recent SPARK positions have included Golf Tourney co-chair and Donor Dinner Co-Lead as well as SPARK Classroom Rep. Jami’s PTO contributions include Neil Cummins Spellathon Co-Chair, Cove Spellathon Chair and NC Campus Events Chair.

SANDRA KRUMWIEDE has two children at Neil Cummins. She is the NC Hot Lunch Coordinator and serves on the NC PTO Board. She also teaches Sunday School in Corte Madera and provides food for Mill Street Center, an emergency center in San Rafael. 

JEANNIE LIN has three boys, who attend Cove, Hall and preschool. She is the current Cove PTO President, and has served a variety of PTA/PTO roles including NC PTA and Cove PTO Treasurer, NC Yearbook Editor, Cove PTO Communications EVP as well as volunteering with hot lunch as a server and dishwasher.

MARYANN THOMPSON has a daughter at Hall and a son at Redwood. This is Maryann’s 11th and final year in our District. She has been the weekly newsletter editor for more than 10 years – first at Neil Cummins and currently at Hall.  She remembers when it was printed on a single pink piece of paper – thus the nickname the Pink Papers! Maryann has volunteered driving field trips, hosting SPARK parties, hot lunch, and lice checks.

JOANNA ZESIGER has two children, one a graduating 8th grader and one a sophomore at Redwood. Joanna has been the SPARk Database Manager for more than eight years. In addition to this tremendous undertaking, she has also served on the Neil Cummins PTA Board as the Membership Chair and the Twin Cities Coop as Treasurer as well as Team Parent for TCLL for more than 10 years. This is her last year as a Hall Parent and we will miss Joanna next year!

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